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Samsung observes a new AI opportunity: expertise

<p>According to Samsung Electronics, the world’s biggest memory chip manufacturer, macroeconomic uncertainties are predicted to increase by this year alone (in 2024). The business has also promised to seize a fresh chance presented by the development of artificial intelligence (AI).</p>
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<p>“Although uncertainties in the macroeconomic environment are expected to be high this year, new opportunities will also be increased through next-generation technological innovations, such as the full-scale AI era,” stated Samsung Electronics CEO and vice chairman Han Jong-hee at the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting.</p>
<p>According to the company’s website, AI technology will dominate the future and Samsung will often communicate with smart products. These intelligent gadgets will be able to recognise spoken orders, gestures, and other indications and will respond and assist people appropriately.</p>
<p>Samsung is developing new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that will help people do daily tasks more quickly and effectively at home and at work. But we must guarantee that these technologies will function securely and safely.</p>
<p>Han added to the shareholders of the massive electronics company that it will keep working to develop new ventures and technical innovation in artificial intelligence in order to achieve sustainable development, according to Yonhap news agency.</p>

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