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Driven by excellence, Yesha Sagar and Jimmy Sharma shine bright with Equinor Sports & Entertainment Management Agency.

Also known as Equinor Stars, the company is poised to raise the bar in innovative influencer marketing, empowering brands and influencers.


The massive growth and momentum a few industries could attain can be attributed to many factors. Though increased adoption of the latest tech trends has been one reason, the immense passion, determination, and relentless efforts of entrepreneurs and founders have also been instrumental in taking brands and businesses to the next level of success. Founders and visionaries like Yesha Sagar and Jimmy Sharma have been walking the walk in the digital landscape.


Harnessing the endless power of several new online strategies and techniques, people, brands, businesses, and platforms could reach more audiences and create greater online presence and growth. Tapping into such incredible opportunities, Yesha Sagar and Jimmy Sharma joined forces and launched a one-of-a-kind influencer marketing agency called Equinor Sports & Entertainment, also known as Equinor Stars.


As co-founders at Equinor Stars, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise and are committed to helping each of their clients reach the “stars” in the digital realm, leveraging the power of innovative, purpose-driven, and unique influencer marketing strategies through their company.


Jimmy Sharma is a top entrepreneurial talent who created more noise by synergizing the endless power of cricket and digital innovations. He is the brain behind his unique digital marketing company, “The Six Creations,” the official digital media marketing partner of Cricket Canada, and the owner of the “Patiala Shahi Cricket Association.”


On the other hand, Yesha Sagar has made her name in the entertainment world, forging ahead with her endeavors as an actor, model, cricket host, fitness enthusiast, and entrepreneur. Only last year did she decide to delve into the cricketing world as a digital host. While working with Surrey Jaguars, she was seen on the field in the Global T20 Canada.


Speaking on the importance of influencer marketing and the constant rise of the digital landscape, Jimmy Sharma shared, “Today, when the digital world drives everything, it has only become more imperative to be a part of the ‘game.’ It is essential for people and businesses to have a larger online presence, connect with broader audiences worldwide, and create a positive influence on social media and other digital platforms.” 


Adding further, Yesha Sagar drops in to say, “For increasing brand awareness, building trust and credibility, gaining access to newer audiences, improving brand-influencer connections, and improving engagement, people must leverage the power of influencer marketing to reach beyond their desired online presence and growth. This is where we enter the picture with Equinor Stars and change the game for our clients, providing them with the best services and guiding them to reach their definition of success.”


Whether curating creative strategies to leverage Bollywood star power for brand promotion, catering to South Asian influencers, celebrities, and athletes in North American markets, or offering comprehensive analytics and reporting tailored to their needs, Equinor Sports & Entertainment, aka Equinor Stars, has come a long way, thriving on the co-founders’ unique visions bridging brands with entertainment.

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